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Person resposible
Responsible according to the Teleservices Act:

Dieter Philippi - St. Ingberter Straße 14 - 66123 Saarbrücken - GERMANY

Area of application
The following elaborations are applicable to the website (proprietor of website cited below) and all related contents.

These regulations equally concern the relationship between the proprietor of the website, the users of information contained and the relationship to third parties who are directed to by links, banners, contact information etc.

About this webseite
This page is the website of Dieter Philippi and serves no commercial, but exclusively private purposes.

This website contains information that is of interest to me and might be of interest to others. In viewing this page and the factual information contained, users may be enabled to deal with and comment skillfully on its subjects.

Important notices
Anonymous access to my website is possible according to the Teleservices Act (Teledienstdatenschutzgesetz (TDDSG)).

Unrequested sending of advertisement by mail, email or fax is not wanted and therefore not permitted. In particular, unrequested sending of advertisement by email to a private individual violates the following clauses: § 1 UWG and § 823 I BGB (dazu Urteil des Berliner Landgerichtes, AZ: 16 O 201/98 vom 2. August 1998).

Moreover, it is not permitted to record, save, circulate or publish, neither electronically nor in any other way, postal addresses, email addresses and phone or fax numbers, image files or personal data of any kind without a written permit or on legal basis.

Especially the commercial exploitation of information published on this website for advertisement or similar purposes is not permitted, neither is its circulation to third parties.


This website may be linked at no charges and without further notice, except to pages containing statements that ridicule, disparage or render me or third parties objects of libel or slander.

Articles, pictures, studies, graphics, comments, information etc. originating in this website may only be recorded, saved, circulated or published electronically or in another way on the grounds of an explicit permit and with precise reference to the source only. Modifications (abridgements, comments, amendments etc.) are only admissible on the grounds of an explicit permit and with precise indication of the changes only.

For counterstatements, requests of correction or adjustments please use the contact form or send me a letter or fax.


I do not take responsibility for the completeness, correctness, quality or up-to-dateness of data published on my webpage.
Liability claims of imaginary or material damage resulting from the use or non-use of data contained by this website, even in case of its being incomplete, incorrect or outdated, shall be excluded, unless they were caused by acts of deliberate intention or gross negligence on the part of the originator.

All liability transgressing the legally stated limits shall be strictly excluded.

Users following a link or banner to be redirected to another website are leaving the area of accountability of my website. Any liability for linked contents beyond the form of appearance of links and banners featured on my website shall be strictly excluded.


All links and banners contained by my web presence were chosen to the best of my knowledge. However, my responsibility is restricted to their known and obvious contents at the moment of placing that link, unless I be explicitly notified about the updating or modification of a content in a way that changes its original sense, or in case I do not take notice of the updating or modification of a content in a way that changes its original sense out of deliberate intention or gross negligence, even if it were reasonable.

I do not take accountability for the completeness, correctness, quality and up-to-dateness of links and banners displayed on this web presence.


Liability claims of imaginary or material damage resulting from the use or non-use of links and banners shall be excluded even if case of their being incomplete, incorrect or outdated, unless the creator of the link or banner in question acted on deliberate intention or gross negligence.


All contents composed by third parties (guestbooks, forums etc.) featured on my website are generally subject to the resposibility of their authors. Liability claims of imaginary or material damage resulting from contents composed by third parties may be enforced to their authors only, unless I be accessary to these damages by acting on deliberate intention or gross negligence, e.g. by not deleting a harmful content if it would have been reasonable to take notice of this content and its harmfulness and to eliminate it by appropriate means (e.g. deletion).

Contents composed by third parties do not necessarily reflect my opinion. Contents that take a stance which I do not approve of or are opposed to mine are equally admitted.


Third-parties or authors of contributions to forums, guest books, comments etc., are bound to compose their contributions with care. In particular, no material protected by copyright or any other means may be published. Furthermore, no contents containing instances of insult (neither of a reciprocal kind), libel, slander, sedition or those encouraging criminal behaviour may be published.

I reserve the right to abridge or delete contents composed by third parties, such as contributions to guestbooks, forums, or comments, without further notification of the author at my own discretion. In particular, this applies to contents that violate existing law, are contra bones mores, consist merely of advertisement of any kind, are protected by copyright or any other means or contain instances of insult, libel, slander, sedition, or those encouraging criminal behaviour.

Trademarks and brandlabels featured on this homepage are only used for documentary or lexical purposes. Their meantioning does not imply unlimited disposability. The rights of the respective holders are acknowledged.

As far as the images displayed in the section "Clerical Headdresses" are concerned, I made every possible effort to cite their sources correctly. In case the holder of an image rights feels that his rights are being violated, I do request immediate notification. The image will be deleted instantly. Sources will be rectified immediately if cited incorrectly.

In the case of civil disputes, fair competition enfringements etc. I request a previous announcement in order to avoid unnecessary disputes and charges. The charges of a written legal warning without previous announcement is rejected as unsubstantiated for the duty to mitigate loss.

If one or several of these elaborations are incorrect or futile, the remaining passages are not concerned.