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Shops for Clerical Products and Goods in Rome
In January 2007, I visited some shops for clerical products to get an impression of the products available. Subsequently, you will find some images and impressions of this visit. Rome, the eternal city, obviously has the broadest range on offer. What struck me as particularly impressive were the shops for paraments, liturgical devices and the clerical tailors.

Geographically speaking, the shops can be roughly located in two areas:
1. Behind the Pantheon: Via dei Cestari, Piazza and Via Sta. Catarina da Siena, Via di Pigna, Via del Gesu
2. Besides the Vatican: Via Paolo VI, Via del Mascherino, Boro Pio, Borgo Vittorio, Borgo Angelico

Below, you will find an excerpt from the Yellow Pages (Pagine Gialle) concerning the product groups in question:

Yellow Pages Rome - Abbiti ecclesiastici e paramenti (861 KB)

Yellow Pages Rome - Arredi sacri (957 KB)

Yellow Pages Rome - Articoli religiosi (909 KB)


Arredamento Liturgico s.r.l.
Via Cestari 35 - 00186 Rome
Phone. 06-6865809 - Fax: 06-6892027
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Italien agency of the Belgian company Slabbinck. Manufacturers of top-quality expensive paraments.





Borgo Vittorio 64 - 00193 Rome
Phone. 06.6864340 - Fax 06-68135145





Manifatture Mario Bianchetti s.r.l.
Via Pigna 18 - 00186 Rome
Phone. 06-6794837 -



Conflexclero Rom


This is Danilo Mancini's workshop "IL CALZOLAIO", Vicolo della Volpe 14, 00186 Roma, Tel. 0039-06-6875962. His shop is located within spitting distance of Piazza Navona. He produced the red loafers which were on display in Gammarelli's shop windows before the conclave in April 2005.
Information on the papal shoes


IL  CALZOLAIO, Danilo Mancini, Viccolo della Vople, Rom



In terms of sales area, De Ritis is the largest shop.


Euroclero - located directly besides the Vatican, vis-à-vis the offices of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The first picture gives the view from Piazza del Sant' Uffizzio. The second one was shot from Via del Sant' Uffizzio/ Via Paolo VI. Business is operated by master tailor Alessandro Cattaneo and his three children: Francesco, Roberto and Cristina.




Annibale Gammarelli - the most widely known and most exquisite shop. Among others, there are pontificial shoes and gloves on display in the shop windows. On the counter, there are several birettas laid out, some of them academic ones. Below: a souvenir much sought-after - Gammarelli's paper shopping bag.

Annibale Gammarelli Rom

Annibale Gammarelli Rom Pontifikalschuhe

Annibale Gammarelli Rom Pontifikalhandschuhe



Annibale Gammarelli Rom Birette, Birett,  Barett, Beretta

Annibale Gammarelli Päpstlicher LieferantAnnibale Gammarelli Rom







Reinero Mancinelli Rom





Mariano MANGO & C. s.a.s.
Via Mascherino, 15 - 00193 Rome



Claudio Franchi
Manufacturer of the Riscatory Ring of H.H. Pope Benedict XVI.

via Tor di Nona, 60
I-00186 Roma (RM)
Telefon 0039 06 6813 6305






Romana Arte Sacra s.r.l.
Via del Gesu' 85a - 00123 Rome - Phone and Fax 06-6783102




Manifatura La Scallela
00192 Rome - Via Caio Mario, 15/A
Phone.06.3207016; 06.32501582; Fax 06.3223325
- Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
A tailor manufacturing clerical and judicial attire, as well as costumes worn on stage. His workshop is located in the basement of the building. Made to order and customization only.






Soprani Srl
Via Del Mascherino, 29 I-00193 Rome
Phone +39 06 68801404 - Fax + 39 06 6877566
- Email: ;> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Forniture Ecclesiatiche
Via Domenico Fontana 20
I- 00185 Roma
Telefon 0039 06 70495423