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Preliminary Remarks

In the course of my research on clerical, religious and sacred headdresses I came across pieces of clothing and "equipment" which might be refered to as accessory in a secular context. These items struck me as interesting, partly even fascinating, so that I composed short articles to elaborate on each of them.

In detail:


  1. Campagi - clerical shoes worn by the pope and the clergy
  2. Pectoral Cross-Cords
  3. The pectorale (pectoral cross) of the Pope
  4. The white silk scarf of the cardinals
  5. Pontificial gloves (Chiroteche)
  6. The Crosier - Ferula - Pososch - Zezel - Pilgrim's Staff
  7. The Piscatory Ring of the Pope
  8. The Pallium
  9. Greca - the long coat of the prelates
  10. Fascia- Sash
  11. The briefcase - a present for a cardinal
  12. Overview on the Pope's attire
  13. The Pope's china
  14. The Pope's glasses
  15. Cufflinks worn by the Pope